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Gypsum plaster or Plaster of Paris (POP) is used widely for a number of building operations and for the preparation of the numerous building products including tiles, plaster board and many more. After construction of the wall, its internal surface is coated with cement sand plaster and is painted. But the roughness of the surface of the wall does not go away. To achieve smoothness for surface, POP is used on the plastered surface before applying distemper.

Nowadays, in order to save time and labor cost, people have started applying direct single coat of POP over cement sand plastering. So, the three step process of the finishing of the wall has been cut short in to two steps with the help of POP. First step is cement sand plastering & second step is POP pruning.

We, are a reputed online store engaged in providing 360 degree solution in building materials online. From wall finishes to safety and security devices, you can buy everything online from us at much less rates than you will ever find in retail shop. You can buy all type of flooring and wall finishes online from us. So, buy POP online from us and enhance the beauty of your home interiors.

The advantages of using POP in wall finishes are as follows:

1. Plaster of Paris (POP) is easy to spread and provides a great inner part finish.

2. Plaster of Paris (POP) is used in numerous little applications. It sets at a faster pace and dries hard. It doesn’t chips off like wall putty after drying. POP is used widely for drywall fixing.

3. POP provides a smooth and solid surface on which colors can settle easily.

4. The gypsum content in POP provides a superior finish, smoothness and shine to your wall.

5. POP have a low thermal conductivity and good ability to resist fires.

6. It forms a dense surface after drying which can resist normal knocks.

7. It is an environment friendly material and is known for its durability.

8. POP is light in weight. Therefore, it does not put too much load on structure.

9. Plaster of Paris is a clean substance. It comes bag packed and requires no curing.

10. It adheres on fibrous substances easily.

If you buy POP online from us, you will get a chance to enjoy great discounts. Not only POP, you can buy flooring and wall finish of any type from us.


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